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Katie Allison

kate-allison-r8fitnessShe offers professional sports massage treatments to local people – whether you are a competitive athlete, a weekend athlete, or just enjoy working out at R8!

R8 Fitness on Friday afternoons and Tuesday evenings.

R8 Fitness clients receive a reduced rate on their first treatment – £40 for a 60 minute treatment.


Why have sports massage treatment?

  • Helps you recover from injury and reduce your likelihood of re-injury
  • Helps to reduce muscle tightness or imbalance, before it causes you discomfort or injury
  • Helps you recover faster after a workout (or an event), helping you to train more regularly and to a higher intensity

How does sports massage actually help?

Sports massage is based on classical Swedish massage, with the addition of more advanced soft tissue techniques that all aim to identify and then reduce stress and tensions within the soft tissues of the body – i.e. your muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues. This achieved through assessing, palpating, manipulating, stretching and strengthening the soft tissues.

Want to know more visit www.midsussexsportsmassage.com.

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