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Yoga with Gemma, Tuesday @ 7.40pm & 8.30pm

R8 Fitness has introduced a new Yoga class on Tuesday evenings as we believe it’s beneficial to be supple as well as strong. Gemma is a wonderfully supportive, experienced Yoga teacher who can be tough and gentle all at the same time. She’ll ensure the yoga you practice suits your body so you can push…

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Protein Powder Baking

Another website I should share with you lovely people is the one for protein powder baking! If you like to make healthy treats, have a crave that needs to be dealt with or even have a protein powder that you’re not so much of a fan of drinking you can always try baking with it….

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Banana & Oats Cupcakes

Banana & Oak Cupcake

FOR THE CUPCAKES: Mash 2 bananas in a bowl.Add 2 eggs and continue to mix, then mix in 1/3 cup maple syrup, 1/4 tsp of salt, 2 tsp baking powder, 2 tsp vanilla extract, 1 tbsp Cinnamon, 1 cup of Greek Yoghurt (I used Fage as I always do!) Mix these ingredients in thoroughly then…

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Small group training

Every small group workout we take at R8 we always look to make unique, progressive and different from those before. In the picture below from a core class, you can clearly see no one doing your average sit up, ab crunch or leg raise. We look to educate and inspire. Not sure how to hold…

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End of the Summer

So the summer seems to be over and we’re all back into our normal routines. Have you over indulged and gained body-fat this summer? Do you have plans over the Christmas/New year period – it’s not that far away, you know? Just a little food for thought … If you are planning on wearing that little black…

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I’ve always believed that moderation is key to improving in the long term. If you’re wanting to get in better shape it’s not one size fits all. Some may like to be on a restricted nutrition plan solely focusing on their main aim but for those of us who want to have a balance between…

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